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TSN Scorpion

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General Information

The TSN Scorpion is an [Allegiance Class] vessel, currently in service with the Terran Stellar Navy, Second Space Fleet, Fourth Light Division. Commissioned on star date 9723-2240 the TSN Allegiance been under the command of Commander Xansta since it was commissioned. The ship served as a direct replacement of the TSN Viper.


Operational History

During its service the Scorpion has been part of the [Fourth Light Division]


Viper's was launched during the Axley Pathogen of 2240.








Ship Name  TSN Scorpion
Registry  CB-L-523
Commanding Officer  Cmdr Xansta
Status  Active





On Stardate 22220 the crew of TSN Sabre in coordination with the TSN Horizon displayed valour and merit while engaging in a holding action to defend the Sumri Gate in the G’Torin Sector against enemy forces.

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