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TSN Lancer

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General Information

The TSN Lancer is a Nemesis Class vessel and the second vessel to bare her name. Currently in service with the Terran Stellar Navy, Second Space Fleet, Fourth Light Division. Commissioned on star date 30121-2239 the TSN Lancer has had one commanding officer during her service, Captain Donovan Aron. The previous vessel to bare the Lancer had registry ICX-001 and was the first Lancer class interceptor, commissioned under Captain Jemel Eahain.


Operational History (CI-026)

This version of the Lancer was find adrift near a time anomaly, when the crew boarded the ships chronometers were all set to a date several months in the future. After engineering checks the vessel was signed off for active service.


During its service the Lancer has been part of the [Fourth Light Division]


Lancer's first campaign was Third Spiral Arm War of 2239-Present.



Notable Events

The hull was found adrift near a time anomaly.


Operational History (ICX-001)

Original dubbed the Lancer class, this vessel was the first in a line of experimental interceptor vessels, sacrificing offensive and defensive systems in favour of speed. Reduced ordnance firing capability but strong forward beams and engines makes the, now named, Nemesis class a formidable ship.


On stardate 91119-2238 the whole crew were awarded the Meritorious Commendation medal.


On stardate 27221-2239 this version of the Lancer while escorting evacuating citizens in the Reema system, interposed herself between the enemies and the civilian transports, the Lancer become overwhelmed and was destroyed. The crew managed to abandon ship and all aboard were awarded with purple hearts.









Ship Name  TSN Lancer
Registry  CI-026
Commanding Officer  Cpt Donovan
Crew Roster  TSN Lancer





On Stardate 22220 the crew of TSN Sabre in coordination with the TSN Horizon displayed valour and merit while engaging in a holding action to defend the Sumri Gate in the G’Torin Sector against enemy forces.

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