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TSN Sabre

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General Information

The TSN Sabre is an [Ares Class] vessel, current in service with the Terran Stellar Navy, Second Space Fleet, Fourth Light Division. Commisioned on star date 22717-2237 the TSN Sabre has remained under the command of Fleet Captain Xavier since. 


Operational History

During its service the Sabre has been the flagship of the [Fourth Light Division]


Sabre's first campaign was the Caltron attacks of 2237.



Notable Events


On stardate 21320-2239 the crew of the TSN Sabre were awarded the Meritorious Commendation for displaying valour and merit while engaging in a holding action to defend the Sumri gate in the G'Torin sector against enemy forces.


On stardate 151218-2237 the Sabre was badly damaged while defending Outpost-91 and a mobile shipyard against two Rumarian Hunter Packs while the rest of the division engaged elsewhere. Sabre found herself unable to manoeuvre clear of multiple Rumarian Stalker-class vessels and subject to sudden systems failure the crew were ordered into the life pods. The Officers and Enlists personnel were awarded the Purple Heart. The ship was later retrieved and repairs were made.





Ship Name  TSN Sabre 
Registry  CL-R-016 
Commanding Officer  Fleet Captain Xavier Wise 
Crew Roster  TSN Sabre 





On Stardate 22220 the crew of TSN Sabre in coordination with the TSN Horizon displayed valour and merit while engaging in a holding action to defend the Sumri Gate in the G’Torin Sector against enemy forces.

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