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TSN 4th Light Division

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Formation of the 4th Light Division


Campaign History

The 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division have participated in a number of campaigns, both in peacetime and in wartime. The actions of the 4th Light Division are recorded in the accounts below.


The Long Bar Conflict (261214-2235 to 6914-2236)

At 15:35 on stardate 261214-2235 the Hegemony declared war on the USFP, citing a series of unprovoked attacks on Hegemony space. This war was to last for almost a full year, with heavy losses being inflicted on the TSN’s 2nd Space Fleet. The 4th Light Division played a major role supporting the actions of the Battle Divisions.


Anti-Piracy Operations (6914-2236 to 201214-2236)


Exploring the Euphini Expanse (10115-2236 to 27915-2236)

The 4th Light Division was assigned to relieve elements of the exploration division. They arrived in the Euphini Expanse on stardate 10115-2236.


Cerberus Campaign (28915-2236 to 311215-2236)

The Hegemony attempt to take the Cerberus system and the TSN have to push them back.


Counter-Espionage (1116-2237 to 29816-2237)


Finding Sanctuary (1916-2279 to 28217-2237)

The division were tasked with assisting the N'Tani in locating a new homeworld.


Caltron Exposition (1317-2237 to 161217-2237)

A new race of mechanical beings being to attack.


Beyond the Mirror (161217-2237 to 31718-2237)

Finding themselves on unusual ships, the Fourth Light Division has to work out where they, and more importantly, how to get back!


A New Frontier (1818-2237 to 15918-2238)


Patrach-Kal (22919-2238 to 19920-2238)


Prelude to War - Ashia Campaign part of the Third Spiral Arm War (22919-2238 to 19920-2239)


Outbreak of War part of the Third Spiral Arm War (29920-2239 to 19920-2239)


Turning the Tide - Operating Behind Enemy Lines part of the Third Spiral Arm War(29920-2239 to 25921-2239)

          The Fourth Light Division is sent behind enemy lines to cause havoc the Hegemony fleets and supply lines.


The Multiverse Disaster (21021-2239 to 22122-2239)

The multiverse is shattered and only a small mashed together bunch of universes remain.


Neutral Recovery (5322-2239 to 1722-2239)

The fall out of the multiverse disaster cause the Hegemony to retreat from neutral space, leaving the TSN with the opportunity to rebuild bridges with the races that reside there. 


Insurgence (2722-2239 to 1922-2239)

The 4th Light Division is blamed for attacking Hjorden envoys and is forced to go on the run.


Borderline Bravery part of the Third Spiral Arm War (2922-2239 to 1423-2240)

The Hegemony launch a full scale invasion of the lower arc USFP systems, the line crumbles and the TSN rallies to stop them. Ending with The Helios Incident


The Axley Pathogen

A pathogen causes those infected to become aggressive, quickly spreading around the fleet the TSN has to lock down.  




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