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Kralien Order

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The Kraliens, named after the most common sound in their language, appear to human eyes to be reptilian in nature, with a pattern of scales identifying individuals and perhaps clans or other genetic linkages.  Multifaceted eye structures indicate sight on a differing wavelength than ours, and their overall environmental systems are set at a temperature 5-6 degrees Celsius higher than our own.  Clothing is minimal, mostly used to indicate ranks or positions of authority.


Despite human prejudices the Kraliens are not man-sized bugs. They are true vertebrates who happen to have hard carapaces like Earth’s beetles or lobsters.

Kralien society is highly religious. Upon promotion all Kralien captains are ordained into a priest class. Their religion is unusual in that all Kraliens believe in the same set of gods: ancient super-beings that lived on the Kralien homeworld for several generations then left our galaxy forever. Even Earth’s scientists believe the Kralien religion is grounded in fact.

Today’s Kraliens believe that their gods granted them ownership of the entire galaxy. They also believe that the gods answer the prayers of devout Kraliens.



The Kralien government considers all non-Kraleans to be tenants living on their property. We are welcome to stay, but we owe them millions of years in back rent payments. For now the ships of the Kralien Defense Fleet are ill-equipped to collect that rent, so they are often seen in formation with those of stronger allies.



Kralien language and grammar:












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