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General Information

A peaceful, nomadic alien race, the N’Tani travel as small tribes, moving from system to system bringing trade from travels beyond USFP space. Their exact origins are unknown but they were first encountered by the TSN ships patrolling the border regions in lower arc of the Orion spur. They can often been seen entering the main trading ports in the Cerberus System, and are known for the exotic alien artefacts and stories of other races and systems.


Species Information

The N'Tani are a tribe of the Silmara, they are {picture description]



Not much is known about the N'tani, they are an ancient race who separated from the Simara and now travel the galaxy moving from home to home. 




Conflict with Pirates

During 2237, the N'tani engaged in several skirmishes with pirate forces, it is unknown why the pirates focussed on the N'tani, but intelligence reports suggest a breakdown of a deal between to the parties.






Home system  Nomadic 




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